Learning Photography

If you are new to photography and are interested in taking it up, then you wil need to know a few things about photography and the qualities associated with it.

The camera

A camera is vital for photography but one should remember that irrespective of the kind of camera, the final image is not necessarily dependent on it. Irrespective of the brand of your camera, there are a few things that will not change. Here is a list.

– Quality of the final image
– The magnification of the image on viewing
– Whether the shot’s entire focus will be on the subject
– The amount of time it takes to take the shot

Different cameras work at different speeds and this is something that everyone associated with photography should know. This speed is crucial to the outcome of your photograph. If you want to take a picture of your kids playing, it would be better to use the automatic camera so that you can avoid the problems of making adjustments regarding focus, lighting, aperture etc. But in case you intend on taking a shot of a mountain view, it is better for you to use a manual camera.

Lighting conditions

When under the sun, taking portraits present a few problems. Due to the hardness of the sunlight, there is a possibility of dark shadows appearing in the shot. In order to solve the problem, moving the subject to a suitable shady position and using the skylight in place of the sunlight will be suitable. Another solution is taking the photograph in the last few minutes of sunset or sunrise as the sunlight will be more yellow at these times. In case you have equipment like diffusers and reflectors, your shot can be made to look more vibrant and clear. Using flash or artificial lights is also a terrific idea if you are well aware on how to use them. In case you are taking a picture during sunset or sunrise, try not to use the flash, as this will make the picture look rather cold or clammy.


There is nothing like incorrect exposure. You can decide the kind of exposure you want on your picture depending on your artistic preferences. There are many tones in the environment that cannot be captured on film. Depending on the film or on the picture, there are certain details that might be lost during the process.