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Depth Of Field Photography

Professional photographers follow certain techniques to take such stunning photographs, portrait and pictures in which the subject is clear and focused whereas the background is slightly blurred.

Here are a few steps for taking those picture perfect shots.

Firstly, it would be preferable if the camera you are using has a large plate for imaging. Also the lens being used should be fast. This means the lens should have an aperture larger than f2.8.

A camera with a large aperture produces pictures or images that have a shallow depth of field. This means that all areas in front and behind the subject are blurred while the subject alone is concentrated upon.

As far as possible, the subject’s head and shoulder should fit the frame. Also if you are taking a picture of a person, you should focus on the eyes.

Practice makes perfect. No job is done perfectly only once. Patience and perseverance is required to make something good happen. While taking pictures, use a lens with a wide opening and that has a stop on one or two to take a series of photographs.

Focus or areas like the nose, hair and ears using different apertures for each. You can choose different options once the pictures are out.

To create a shallow depth of field, you must use a longer lens such as a telephoto, and set it on maximum zoom. Then stand as close as you possibly can to the subject.

For subjects in motion, for instance a car, the camera needs to be moved just as the subject is. This means that the subject needs to be followed. The ISO400 films are best for taking shots like these. Along with this, the camera needs to be set to the ISO mode to ensure that it works.

While taking subjects in motion, you need to ensure that the camera’s body is always steady. Focus on the subject the way you see it through the lens. This technique ensures that the subject appears crisp and clear while the background appears to be a blur. This emphasizes the subject’s movement making the picture come to life.

Photo effects
There is another way of creating the same shot without having to go through all the technicalities that is required for taking such a picture. Software has made this magically possible. The software photoshop has a function called blur that blurs the background of the picture in such a manner that it looks like a professional photographer has taken the picture. Still the software blur tends to look artificial when compared to a blur that is taken through a camera that is authentic and truly beautiful.

Unfortunately or fortunately, the software technology has advanced to give us the CS2 Photoshop version that can enable anybody to blur a picture. This option considers the depth of field of the picture. This means the software is able to blur the pixels that appear further away more and blur the pixels that appear nearer less. This function can be adjusted such that you can achieve just about any result that you desire.

Depth of field, as a concept, is really easy if you are able to understand it. If you are serious about photography, with enough practice you can become the master of this technique. All you need is perseverance, patience and enough determination to learn, both from experience and from mistakes, so that you can move towards becoming a better photographer and creating beautiful shots.

Learning Photography

If you are new to photography and are interested in taking it up, then you wil need to know a few things about photography and the qualities associated with it.

The camera

A camera is vital for photography but one should remember that irrespective of the kind of camera, the final image is not necessarily dependent on it. Irrespective of the brand of your camera, there are a few things that will not change. Here is a list.

– Quality of the final image
– The magnification of the image on viewing
– Whether the shot’s entire focus will be on the subject
– The amount of time it takes to take the shot

Different cameras work at different speeds and this is something that everyone associated with photography should know. This speed is crucial to the outcome of your photograph. If you want to take a picture of your kids playing, it would be better to use the automatic camera so that you can avoid the problems of making adjustments regarding focus, lighting, aperture etc. But in case you intend on taking a shot of a mountain view, it is better for you to use a manual camera.

Lighting conditions

When under the sun, taking portraits present a few problems. Due to the hardness of the sunlight, there is a possibility of dark shadows appearing in the shot. In order to solve the problem, moving the subject to a suitable shady position and using the skylight in place of the sunlight will be suitable. Another solution is taking the photograph in the last few minutes of sunset or sunrise as the sunlight will be more yellow at these times. In case you have equipment like diffusers and reflectors, your shot can be made to look more vibrant and clear. Using flash or artificial lights is also a terrific idea if you are well aware on how to use them. In case you are taking a picture during sunset or sunrise, try not to use the flash, as this will make the picture look rather cold or clammy.


There is nothing like incorrect exposure. You can decide the kind of exposure you want on your picture depending on your artistic preferences. There are many tones in the environment that cannot be captured on film. Depending on the film or on the picture, there are certain details that might be lost during the process.

Photography Information About Stock

Today I have photography information that involves stock photography. There are basically two types of online photography that you will be selling. You have your assignment photography and you also have stock photography. Now when people think about assignment photography they are thinking of a photographer that that is hired to take a picture of a certain object and then they are paid. In stock photography the photographer will take pictures that are not sold before hand.
So what is stock photography? This term refers to photographs that can be licensed and sold for public and commercial needs.

Stock photography can be used for marketing, advertising and also design. There is a large demand for stock photos, all types of companies use stock photography. You will want to make sure that the photos are not illegal or harmful in any way. If you are going to use a model in a photograph you need to have a model contract or the photo will be useless. Also if a building has a name on it you will need to have permission to use the name or any logo. It’s a sad felling when you get a great shot but you cannot sell it because you did not get permission. There are a few different ways that you can sell your photography online using stock photography. One of the ways is to sell usage rights.

This is where the photo can be used by someone for a limited amount for a set fee or you can sell all the rights to the image. When you sell all the rights you will receive a greater amount of money. So one way you get to sell the photo over and over to different people and the other way you sell the image once. Which why will make you more money? You can make a very nice extra income with stock photography but first you will need to review some information about photography that deals with stock photography websites.