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Learn More About Photography

Photography can be defined as the art, science and practice of creating various durable images by recording the light and other types of electromagnetic radiation. This can be done either electronically by using an image sensor or it can be done chemically by using a very light sensitive material. An example of a light sensitive material is a photographic film. A lens is very commonly used to focus all the light that is emitted or reflected from the objects into a very real image or also a light sensitive surface that is present inside a camera.

Camera and its controls

Photography is typically done by using a good camera. There are many controls in a camera that are extremely useful in the long run. Some important controls are as below.


This is the position of an object that is viewed or also an adjustment of an optical device that is necessary in order to produce a very clear image. This can either be in focus or out of focus.


An aperture is an adjustment of the opening lens and it is measured by a number that is called the f-number. This aperture controls the high amount of light that is passed through the lens.

Shutter speed

The adjustment of speed of a shutter is done in order to control the amount of time that is taken when an imaging medium is exposed to any light for each of the exposures. A shutter speed can also be used to control the amount of light that can strike the image of the plane.

White balance

On all digital cameras, an electronic compensation for the color temperature that is associated with a given set of lighting conditions ensures that a white light is easily registered in the same way on an imaging chip. Thus all the colors in a frame will appear in a natural manner.


The measurement of an exposure is done so that all shadows and highlights are exposed strictly according to the wishes of a photographer. Most of the modern cameras and are also set on an automatic basis. Before an automatic exposure, a correct exposure is easily accomplished with the help of a separate device called the light metering device.

Film speed

This is traditionally used to tell the cameras that the film speed of all the selected films on a film camera, the film speed numbers are also employed on the modern digital cameras as an indication of the gain of a particular system.

It’s All About Photography and Entertainment

Sony Ericsson has introduced some extremely unique and interesting features in its latest model Sony Ericsson Idou. It comes equipped with instant messaging, 12 mega pixel camera, inbuilt browser, Google maps, media player and many more. It has rendered completely new definitions to overall communication by integrating a secondary camera in the panel that counts for making video calls.

Enjoy photography

In this handset, Sony Ericsson has allowed the users to enjoy photography fully by incorporating huge 12 mega pixel camera that is just like a standalone digital camera and uses the resolution of 4000 x 3000 pixels for providing incredibly clear photographs. The professional photographers will never find such better equipment for taking photos. This idea is further empowered by introducing several picture enhancement features such as auto focus that lets the users to focus primarily on the targeted object and provides lucid and crystal clear pictures while retaining the real natural beauty of photographs. Xenon flash is also introduced that is significant while capturing photographs in dark environment conditions. Geo tagging feature is also there that works with A GPS applications to add on extra information beneath the taken picture such as name of place, date and time and name of photographer. Face detection and smile detection utilities are also incorporated in camera specification list; these options allow the users to get a detailed and exact photograph of aimed person.

Enjoy the life fully

With the introduction of powerful entertainment features in this mobile phone, Sony Ericsson renders its users an opportunity to live their lives fully. A media player supporting all popular video as well as audio files formats is integrated in this classic design that really works for eradicating all worries and tensions of busy people. For keeping the users energized and excited all the time, an Fm radio is also included.