Depth Of Field Photography

Professional photographers follow certain techniques to take such stunning photographs, portrait and pictures in which the subject is clear and focused whereas the background is slightly blurred. Here are a few steps More »

Learning Photography

If you are new to photography and are interested in taking it up, then you wil need to know a few things about photography and the qualities associated with it. The camera More »

Photography Information About Stock

Today I have photography information that involves stock photography. There are basically two types of online photography that you will be selling. You have your assignment photography and you also have stock More »

Learn More About Photography

Photography can be defined as the art, science and practice of creating various durable images by recording the light and other types of electromagnetic radiation. This can be done either electronically by More »

It’s All About Photography and Entertainment

Sony Ericsson has introduced some extremely unique and interesting features in its latest model Sony Ericsson Idou. It comes equipped with instant messaging, 12 mega pixel camera, inbuilt browser, Google maps, media More »

Depth Of Field Photography

Professional photographers follow certain techniques to take such stunning photographs, portrait and pictures in which the subject is clear and focused whereas the background is slightly blurred.

Here are a few steps for taking those picture perfect shots.

Firstly, it would be preferable if the camera you are using has a large plate for imaging. Also the lens being used should be fast. This means the lens should have an aperture larger than f2.8.

A camera with a large aperture produces pictures or images that have a shallow depth of field. This means that all areas in front and behind the subject are blurred while the subject alone is concentrated upon.

As far as possible, the subject’s head and shoulder should fit the frame. Also if you are taking a picture of a person, you should focus on the eyes.

Practice makes perfect. No job is done perfectly only once. Patience and perseverance is required to make something good happen. While taking pictures, use a lens with a wide opening and that has a stop

Learning Photography

If you are new to photography and are interested in taking it up, then you wil need to know a few things about photography and the qualities associated with it.

The camera

A camera is vital for photography but one should remember that irrespective of the kind of camera, the final image is not necessarily dependent on it. Irrespective of the brand of your camera, there are a few things that will not change. Here is a list.

– Quality of the final image
– The magnification of the image on viewing
– Whether the shot’s entire focus will be on the subject
– The amount of time it takes to take the shot

Different cameras work at different speeds and this is something that everyone associated with photography should know. This speed is crucial to the outcome of your photograph. If you want to take a picture of your kids playing, it would be better to use the automatic camera so that you can avoid the problems of making adjustments regarding focus, lighting, aperture etc. But in

About Photography

When a painter paints a picture, he is an outsider, looking at the world with amusement and curiosity. The moment is private, the painter looks at the world through the comings and goings of the world, at something that wasn’t at all apparent but which was always there.

In photography, a different social code protects both participants: the sitter and the photographer. The sitter, his spontaneity suspended and his best appearance displayed, invites scrutiny.

Photographers can supplement the fundamental attitudes of the human mind and body with the more extrinsic gestures of daily behavior. They can profit from the mobility of the snapshot camera, reaching into the world as an intruder and creating a disturbance. The photographer captures the spontaneity of life without leaving any trace of his presence.

Hence the detachment of the artist becomes more of a problem in the photographic media because photographers must immerse themselves bodily into situations which call for human solidarity: the photographer must be where the action is!

The photographic medium is immensely valuable for documentation, but it’s less suited to

Photography Information About Stock

Today I have photography information that involves stock photography. There are basically two types of online photography that you will be selling. You have your assignment photography and you also have stock photography. Now when people think about assignment photography they are thinking of a photographer that that is hired to take a picture of a certain object and then they are paid. In stock photography the photographer will take pictures that are not sold before hand.
So what is stock photography? This term refers to photographs that can be licensed and sold for public and commercial needs.

Stock photography can be used for marketing, advertising and also design. There is a large demand for stock photos, all types of companies use stock photography. You will want to make sure that the photos are not illegal or harmful in any way. If you are going to use a model in a photograph you need to have a model contract or the photo will be useless. Also if a building has a name on it you will need to have permission to use the name or any logo. It’s a sad felling when you get a great shot

Learn More About Photography

Photography can be defined as the art, science and practice of creating various durable images by recording the light and other types of electromagnetic radiation. This can be done either electronically by using an image sensor or it can be done chemically by using a very light sensitive material. An example of a light sensitive material is a photographic film. A lens is very commonly used to focus all the light that is emitted or reflected from the objects into a very real image or also a light sensitive surface that is present inside a camera.

Camera and its controls

Photography is typically done by using a good camera. There are many controls in a camera that are extremely useful in the long run. Some important controls are as below.


This is the position of an object that is viewed or also an adjustment of an optical device that is necessary in order to produce a very clear image. This can either be in focus or out of focus.


An aperture is an adjustment of the opening lens and it is measured by a number that is called the f-number.

It’s All About Photography and Entertainment

Sony Ericsson has introduced some extremely unique and interesting features in its latest model Sony Ericsson Idou. It comes equipped with instant messaging, 12 mega pixel camera, inbuilt browser, Google maps, media player and many more. It has rendered completely new definitions to overall communication by integrating a secondary camera in the panel that counts for making video calls.

Enjoy photography

In this handset, Sony Ericsson has allowed the users to enjoy photography fully by incorporating huge 12 mega pixel camera that is just like a standalone digital camera and uses the resolution of 4000 x 3000 pixels for providing incredibly clear photographs. The professional photographers will never find such better equipment for taking photos. This idea is further empowered by introducing several picture enhancement features such as auto focus that lets the users to focus primarily on the targeted object and provides lucid and crystal clear pictures while retaining the real natural beauty of photographs. Xenon flash is also introduced that is significant while capturing photographs in dark environment conditions. Geo tagging feature is also there that works with A GPS applications to add on extra information beneath the taken picture such as name of

Taught Me About Photography

My mother was one of those people who took lots of pictures and cared about what she was shooting. She actually would submit her pictures to contests and win prizes. The first thing she said to me about taking pictures was “watch your background”. Told more than once, I daresay – like many other thing that were hounded into my thick skull. You might say, “Watch your background – Well of course!! Who wouldn’t?” Yeah, I know, but one needs to look further – see what resulted from that simple command.

When you are watching the background, hopefully you are really looking at the whole picture. That’s what this imperative got me to doing: looking. Instead of just pointing away willy nilly with the camera, even as a youngster I tended to slow down and look. This fared me well later in life when I was in India visiting my father. You can see photos of that India trip here. I’ll tell you more about how and why later.

Even as a child the photos had fewer and fewer clotheslines and spires sticking out the tops of people heads. Not only that, with the simple drill

Photography Course Online

If you have a brand new camera, but know little, or nothing, about digital photography, where should you begin? The manual that came with it would seem a logical place. It is a good idea to firstly read through the literature that came with it, as you will undoubtedly learn a few tips on how to use your equipment properly. Unfortunately, whilst this will teach you the mechanics of how your camera works, there is one vital lacking ingredient – how to take great photographs. This is where a photography course online comes into the equation.

The manual teaches how to press the shutter and get a picture – but does not show you the skills required to compose and create images you will want to review time and time again. Lets’ face it – if you have invested in a decent camera (or someone has bought it for you) isn’t it worth also investing some time to learn how to get the most out of it? Taking an easy to follow online course is a sensible investment of your time and money.

Two identical cameras may appear the same from the outside. However, put them

Facts About Photography

Whether you are watching TV or just going through the pages of a magazine, you are bombarded with photographs that force you to think and feel about the subject; it doesn’t matter if the photo is about a beautiful women or a dilapidated structure. Photography is an art, very much similar to a painter who uses a canvass. The big difference is the use of lighting which a photographer can use to portray the subject in a manner he wants to. This is done by a painter using different shades of colors.

This is one profession, where there is really no difference between a professional and amateur. You really do not need to go to a school to learn how to click. It is having a knack to click at the right time and at the right moment. A good photographer knows when and where to click to get a stunning photo that also looks natural. For taking a natural photograph, natural sunlight is critical. Photographers have had to wait for several days before taking a photo as the light which would be optimum was not there. Photography involves both the nature and the subject who is

Ever Wondered About Photography Tours

If you have ever considered taking one of the many available photography tours, Italy should be your very first destination. Italy is an excellent place to visit if you’ve never experienced it before. But even if you have traveled to Italy in the past, seeing it through the eyes of your camera will bring you memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. You’ll experience an incredible vacation when purchasing a holiday package, but you’ll also learn the sublime art of photography as you experience a private Tuscany tour. This is an adventure all professional and amateur photographers should experience at least once.

If you are interested in photography, travel goes hand-in-hand with this hobby or profession. One of the big advantages of taking a photography tour is that you receive expert guidance from a person who has intimate knowledge of the region and location you’ll be visiting. This individual will provide lots of personal attention which means that you will not only improve your photography skills, but you’ll also receive expert knowledge from a person who knows the area you are visiting as well as a tour guide.

Don’t worry about bringing a non-photographer friend or

More About Photography Vacations

Photography vacations are a one-of-a-kind experience for those who already consider themselves advanced photographers as well as for those that are amateurs, just beginning their photographic journey. This type of a photo vacation is a wonderful experience for both photographers and non-photographers alike. Some of the best photography vacations combine leaders who are not only highly skilled in the technical and artistic areas of photography but also have an intimate knowledge of the local landscapes, towns, and villages. The photo guides have to be skilled in making your photography tour in Italy memorable on a cultural level as well. They have the knowledge of the comfortable and charming places to stay for the night as well as fine restaurants for evening dining and those out of the way little cafes for the mid day Italian panini.

You will stay in wonderful accommodations in exotic lands while taking pictures of amazing and scenic landscapes and villages. When you travel you experience life in a whole new light. And when you take a photography tour not only are you experiencing something new, but you are capturing that experience in a way that you will never forget.

The best

A Little About Photography

Photography, the more I love photography the less I actually think about it. What is the essence of photography? It is related to how we consider photography and what photography is to us. For most people photography is a way to remember, you go on a trip and you take pictures to remember that trip. To remember the moments.

Is it exactly a way to remember though? If you were to show those photographs to someone unrelated to the trip or to you, they may try to find a story behind them, but they would not understand them. Then a photograph is not a memory in itself, it is a way to trigger the memories of people who shared it.

Although I love photography, I never opened the dictionary to read how it was defined. Oxford dictionary states: “photography: the art or practice of taking and processing photographs.”

There are a few things we can see in this definition. First, Photography is either an art or a practice, it serves a multi purpose. The practice is to take pictures to trigger the memories of things you saw. The art is to show something to others

Remember About Photography

Today, the world cannot exist without photographs. It is as much a necessity as it is an art form. Even with videos, photos remain irreplaceable everywhere.

Photography is a very fulfilling art form for many a people. There are different types of photography with their own specialties like landscape, portrait, fashion, wildlife, sports and many more. All these kinds of pictures have their own style and technique. The various types of photography make use of various techniques and the different types of photographer use their skill in their particular field of expertise. Every type of photography requires a separate set of skills and photography equipment (although some overlap).

Portrait Photography is the oldest kind. Before cameras were invented, there would be portrait paintings. These were and obviously remain significant as it allows people to forever keep a visual of a loved one and remember them by even after they are gone. The key is to capture a distinct emotion or a characteristic. It can range from shooting family members to friends to pets. It is often called portraiture and this type of photographer abounds.

Landscape Photography is for nature lovers. If a photographer is not

Learning About Photography Contests

Whether it’s your first time to handle a digital camera or you’re fairly adept with handling a digital camera, you would definitely like to join a photography contest. Of course, the thought is quite scary. Imagine submitting your “work of art” and have someone judge its merits. It could be devastating or discouraging especially if you thought you did a fine job. This is especially scary if you are a beginner. So, most beginners do not even dare imagine joining a contest. What they do not know, however, is that they could win a contest.

When you’re a beginner, you probably do not even want to talk about photography contests. Photograph contests may seem intimidating for most photographers. Winning a contest validates your skill and makes all your efforts worth their while. You have to take the chance and leap. Perhaps, you should get your hands on books about photo contests so you could prepare yourself before you actually send in your photo. Perhaps, you could start with this article.

How to Join Photo Contests

Joining a photo contest is nerve racking but it is fun and exciting. Once you submitted your entry, there’s no

Learning About Photography

Using a camera is very simple. The person will just look through the lens; point it at the subject and then click on the button.

The results of doing this are very different for each person when these have been developed. The individual might notice that the image was too bright, too dark or blurred.

These are the common mistakes when the individual does not know the proper way to use a camera. Professional photographers call it an art and the only way to be good is to take the proper lessons.

Students who are taking up journalism have this as one of the subjects as part of the curriculum. If the person is majoring in another subject in school, this can be taken as an elective. Those who left school years ago can also enroll in the class for a semester to learn everything about photography.

Most classes require the student to have a camera. The person doesn’t have to get the model that costs a $1,000 because there are variations selling at half the price.

The first thing thought by the instructor will be to know each part of the camera.

The Real Truth About Photography

Camera gear does not a photographer make!

There. It’s out there for the world to see. I, too was once a believer that a photographer was one who had the best cameras and lenses. He had a high class studio with all the special lights and backdrops, the underwater gear, access to an airplane to take the aerial shots.

It just ain’t so.

The truth about photography is that it is not about gear and knowledge. It’s not about a degree from a university. It’s not even about a special artistic gift.

Photography is about capturing the light. It’s about being able to snap the shutter at just the right time and from the right position. Photography is about life.

Think about the great images that have captured your imagination or moved you to some different emotional state. Aren’t they images that have life in them? Even the photographs of still objects that grab your attention do it by stirring your emotions. They stir up the life inside of you.

Photographers can do this with the best of gear or a home-made pinhole camera. They have a passion and desire to capture

Know About Photography

Many of us love taking pictures. We take pictures of ourselves going to different places or pictures of our trip with our family and friends. Most of all, we love capturing happy moments in our lives particularly on special occasions like birthday, wedding, baptismal or family reunions.

Some people do not only take pictures for fun but are doing it for a living. We call them photographers. There are different kinds of photographers and it usually depends on their specialization. For weddings, we hire a wedding photographer, for taking pictures in studio; we have studio photographers and so on. Photography is not an easy field. It takes interest, determination and wide experience to be a professional photographer.

Well, here are 5 of the most important facts about photography that you should know.

1.) Preparation is extremely significant.
– In taking pictures, you cannot just take candid photos of your clients especially on special occasions like wedding. You have to plan what shots to take. Thus, photography is not an easy field as you think. Preparation is needed to get great quality photos.
2.) Photography needs no license
– Are you interested in photography? Would you

Learning About Photography

If you’re interested in getting started learning about photography then there are a few things to begin with. When beginning in photography, one must teach themselves the basics of photography. This is what we’ll focus on.

Learning About Photography – Its Mechanics

The first thing that you need to learn about photography is the mechanics of the entire art form. Photography is a very complex subject that uses special chemical reactions and optics to create images. If you’re working digitally with no film then the learning process is much more lenient on mistakes in exposure. Working with film is much more difficult, however, it can be seen as a more rewarding experience as you actually learn more about photography. This is especially true if you develop your own film as well.

The mechanics of photography include how to use your camera as well as other equipment like tripods, mounts, filters, lenses, etc. This stuff is all necessary if you want to know how to take good pictures. It is the mastery of photography equipment that allows photographers complete freedom to capture the image they so desire.

Lighting 101

Lighting is the most important

Information about Photography

Career information about photography is important to access and focus on initially because it is a competitive market where the work is often attractive to many people. The photographer must have “a good eye”, imagination, and some creativity to do well in this field. That’s not all. Photographers love going into their own business. Accordingly, they must be able to maintain a business and to take advantage of opportunities provided by rapidly changing technologies. While seeking career information about photography you should first speak to one of your local photographers for information. You can ask questions about the job market in your area and how much training was involved before he/she considered themselves ready. You’ll find your local photographer will offer you insight that will be helpful in most cases.

What as a photographer do you plan on achieving? Most would agree, the photographer is an artist, historian, and news event person. Perhaps you had already planned on your career and how you wish to achieve it. Career information about photography will prepare you for specific jobs but you should be aware of other elements related to the work. A photographer produces and preserves images that paint

Learning About Photography

Learning More About Photography

Photography is the art and process of creating still life pictures by recording radiation on a sensitive medium. This is photographic film, or electronic imaging sensors that can capture the picture. Light is usually used instead of radiation in most cases of photography. When the light is reflected from the objects that are being captured, the objects form a real image on a light sensitive film or plate inside the camera using a timed exposure. This image can then be developed into a visual image for many purposes.

History of Photography

Photography was initially invented in the 19th century. It created a whole new way to capture images instead of using paintings and sculptures. The usable process of photography dates back to the 1820’s however when chemical photography was thought of. The first photoetching was produced in 1822 by Nicephore Niepce. He and Louis Daguerre invented a new way to take pictures quicker using silver and chalk. The first ever photo taken of a person was taken in 1839 with the new invention. Negative images were created in 1840 by a man named Talbot; his print is the oldest known negative